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The Winchcombe School



As part of our whole school approach to encourage all children to enjoy reading and make outstanding progress, we have recently purchased more than £24,000 of new Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) books.

These books begin at Lilac ORT level 0 and continue to Brown ORT level 14. Once the children reach this ORT level they then become a Free Reader. To help them choose appropriate reading books above this level we have now purchased Tree Top books that continue up to ORT level 20.

Throughout the new reading scheme, your child will read through a series of stories, which are listed on the back of the book. We will try as much as possible to read books in this order. You may find that different colour bands cross over each other, for example a blue or red book might be in the story series as part of yellow book bands. This cross over is vital to reinforce key words and build upon their confidence as a reader. Reading higher level books will also challenge them further.

In the child’s reading record you will find a list of the books within the colour band. Once the child has read the book, an adult in school will tick to acknowledge the child is ready for the next book in the series. You may find that your child has already read a book in this series, please hear them re-read these books to help with fluency and understanding.

I am thrilled with the range of new books now in school and this week your child will get the opportunity to start bringing these books home to read. Please can you encourage your child to respect the books they bring home and to return them in the same condition. There will be a small charge for damaged books.

We are encouraging every child to read daily at home for at least 10 minutes. Please can you write a comment and sign to say you have listened to your child read in their Reading Records.

Have fun reading!