Wednesday 1st March

Wednesday 1st March

Canoe, Gorge Walk and Beach Scrambling.

Today Group A and B both went canoeing and gorge walking, whilst Group C went rock scrambling. The weather today was beautiful – lots of blue sky and sunshine – what a contrast to the weather at the beginning of the week!

Group A and B canoed across Lake Bala. It was so much fun, everyone showed great determination and amazing team work as the lake is a mile across. Once on the other side, the children had their lunch around a camp fire.

After paddling back across the lake, the children made their way to the gorge. The water was very high because of the melting snow at the top of the hills which made the activity quite challenging. Everyone worked together to encourage each other and to provide a helping hand to navigate the boulders and rocks. Quite a few children slipped in but that was part of the fun! Everyone had a brilliant time even though they were wet and cold at the end.

Group C went rock scrambling at Porthmadog. The weather was amazing. The children had fun rock scrambling and traversing across rocks. There were some real challenges along the beach including a climb up a very steep cliff. The children loved this activity and worked really well as a team.