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Today the weather wasn’t the best for a hill trail, however, the children were ready for one of the most challenging activities. This tested their perseverance, determination and ability to work as a team.

 After a lesson on map reading, everyone got ready, warm clothes, waterproofs and lunch safely packed.

 In their groups, the children we were dropped off near Bala Lake and were expected to find their own way back to the centre without an adult! This is not easy at all as the route takes them across fields, streams and many sheep! Don’t worry, they did have an emergency kit with them that included a phone.

I am pleased to announce that all groups returned safely back to the centre and were ecstatic about their achievements.

Tonight we will be packing – expect lots of wet, dirty clothes!

This week has been amazing – great children who all excelled themselves in many different ways.

Remember that when we hand them over to you, they may well be tired, grumpy and bruised. Give them a chance to catch up on their sleep and I’m sure that they will be excited to tell you all about their wonderful adventure in Rhos-y-Gwaliau!

The coach is expected back at school at 3:30pm on Saturday.