Currently for 2017/2018, we have 3 classes in Foundation, 5 classes in Key Stage 1, 4 classes in Key Stage 2 Lower and 4 classes in Key Stage 2 Upper.  Details of these classes are in the table below.  To find out more information about your child’s class, please click on the links in the left hand index.

Foundation Stage
Acorns FS1 Nursery
Saplings FS2 Reception


Key Stage 1
Ash KS1 Year 1
Oak KS1 Year 1
Pine KS1 Year 1
Elm KS1 Year 2
Willow KS1

Year 2

Key Stage 2 - Lower
Walnut KS2 Year 3
Redwood KS2 Year 3
Chestnut KS2 Year 4
Rowan KS2

Year 4

Key Stage 2 - Upper
Cedar KS2 Year 5
Spruce KS2 Year 5
Sycamore KS2 Year 6
Birch KS2 Year 6