Speech and Language Resource

Winchcombe Speech and Language Resource is for statemented children who require specialist-integrated support for their speech and language difficulties whilst following a mainstream curriculum. The children spend the mornings in the Resource and the afternoons in the main school where they are supported. Some Resource children join their mainstream classes for numeracy.

The Resource staff work as a team in conjunction with mainstream teachers, parents and outside agencies. Following entry to the Resource children are assessed by the teachers and speech and language therapists. Individual Education Plans are then written jointly. These are shared with parents and school staff and updated regularly. The Resource teachers and speech and language therapists write comprehensive reports for the Annual Reviews.

Parent involvement is actively encouraged through a daily Home-School Diary, social events and information sharing. A group formed by the parents providing contact and support has been successful. The children return to their mainstream school when it is considered by all those involved that the small group setting is no longer necessary. They continue to have support following transfer, the level being dependent on their needs.

This resource caters for pupils with a severe, specific speech and language impairment which has a significant impact on the pupil’s learning and development, and which requires specialised adult support in order to access the curriculum, and for the pupil to make academic and developmental progress.

Entry Criteria

The Speech and Language resource can cater for pupils who meet the following criteria:

  • Meet the LA’s statutory assessment criteria for Education, Health and Care Plans with a Primary Need of Speech and Language difficulties
  • Have a diagnosis of a Specific Language Impairment (SLI)
  • Have a level of ability within the range expected in a mainstream school
  • Demonstrate the ability to function within a mainstream educational setting with appropriate differentiation
  • Require intensive, specialist Speech and Language provision to achieve the outcomes identified within their EHC Plan, this includes:
    • A highly personalised speech, language and communication programme within a flexible approach to adapt to the needs of individual pupils
    • Intensive support, input and advice from a specialist language teacher
    • Access to intensive speech and language therapy
    • Access to small group and individual work focusing on Speech, Language and Communication needs
    • Access to specialist speech, language and communication teaching integrated into the whole school environment
    • Supported inclusion in the mainstream environment
    • An environment and ethos of awareness of the needs of pupils with Speech and Language difficulties within the wider school, and where all staff have relevant training


SAL Team

The Speech and Language Staff are:

Mrs S Bennett
Teacher of KS1 Resource (SAL Team Leader)

Mrs A Leadbeater
Part-time Teacher of KS2 Resource

Mrs B Hughes
Specialist LSA

Mrs K Murphy
NHS Speech & Language Specialist

Miss S Monaghan
NHS Speech & Language Specialist