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September 2020 Covid Symptoms Guidance

We have updated our guidance on the procedure for potential Covid-19 related illness and absence

If your children have colds, runny noses etc. – please use your judgement to decide whether your child is well enough to attend school.

If they are showing any one of the symptoms of COVID-19 (a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss or change to sense of smell or taste) they should stay at home and a test should be arranged for them.   In addition to this you should inform the school immediately on 01635 232780. 

Siblings and other household members should also stay at home until the isolation period finishes (if a positive result, it’s 10 days isolation for the person showing the symptoms and 14 days for all other household members), or return to school if the test is negative.  The child who tested negative can return to school, even if still coughing or with no taste/smell as long as they are well enough.  However, they should not return to school if they still have a high temperature. 

I know that currently some people are experiencing difficulty getting a test, but please keep trying (afternoons are the best time). I phoned West Berkshire Council today and they advised me that the whole household MUST self isolate until the person with symptoms has had a negative test. I am so sorry that this is the case as I desperately want all the children to be at school.

Parents must inform us of the date the test has taken place, the date the results were received and whether it was a positive or a negative result.

Attached is a useful guide for families from Public Health England.

Thank you for your continuing support