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The Winchcombe School


Computing & eSafety

Computing Curriculum Intent

At the Winchcombe School we teach Computing primarily through the DB Primary scheme, which incorporates a number of Big Ideas from the Cornerstones Curriculum.

We incorporate Humankind, when asking “What does it mean to be human in a digital age?” We consider Processes, when we ask “What sequence of instructions will create a computer program which meets our needs?” We nurture our Creativity, when we ask “How can we create digital content which catches the eye and inspires the mind?” We consider our Place in modern society, in a world where when our friends are as likely to be on the other side of the world as they are to be our next-door neighbours.

Through their learning, children will understand the key principles of computer science. They will apply and extend this knowledge when building programs that achieve specific aims. They will develop the digital literacy to express themselves coherently and imaginatively in the 21st Century. In so doing, they will learn to be responsible and safe users of internet technologies (with particular reference to social media), as they journey towards adulthood.


Information Communication Technology (ICT)

At The Winchcombe School, ICT plays an important role in supporting and enhancing our pupils learning experiences.  

Information Technology is playing an increasingly important role in everybody’s lives.  Teaching Information Technology skills, we believe, is vital as is using technology across the curriculum, in order to support learning.

We are fully aware of the need to protect our pupils while using ICT. Safeguarding is vital and we work to ensure our children understand that they should behave in an appropriate manner at all times whilst using ICT inside and outside of school.

The school is also supported by National Online Safety and they have supplied the following parent guide which includes 7 questions to get 'the conversation started' in relation to your child's internet usage. Engaging in regular, two-way communication with children about online activities is a really important way of building trust and highlighting the dangers they are exposed to every day.

If you would like to find out more about which websites and apps are appropriate for your child, lots of useful information can be found here: