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The Winchcombe School



Recovery Curriculum - September 2020

When the children returned in September, after lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we started to follow a 'Recovery Curriculum' to give all our children and families the best support.
You can view the Recovery Curriculum here at the bottom of this page.


Remote Learning Policy

We have reviewed our Remote Learning Policy. You can view the Remote Learning Policy here.

Curriculum Update

We want to keep you informed of our updated Curriculum, you can view everything you need to know here:


Whole School Intent

It is our ambition to provide a progressive and connected curriculum which develops long term retention of key subject knowledge, which is sequential and builds the foundations for the next steps in learning. We believe it is about what has been learned and not just what has been taught. We recognise that every child’s learning journey is individual and provide a curriculum that is appropriate to the needs and abilities of all our children.

Our curriculum is designed link learning throughout our school, within and across year groups and through subjects. We believe that developing key vocabulary is fundamental to enabling children to connect and build upon prior learning.

Equipped with this sequential knowledge, we aim for every child to become a reflective learner, willing to take risks and see mistakes as a way of improving. We want to challenge our children to use their knowledge to become curious and independent learners by providing engaging and enriching opportunities. Children are taught the importance of being part of our diverse community, showing respect and responsibility, underpinned by our core values. At The Winchcombe School we pride ourselves in providing a highly inclusive education and supporting our families within our local community.


The Journey of our Curriculum

Since 2015, The Winchcombe School has followed The Cornerstones Curriculum. By introducing it we felt that we were able to deliver an enriching, topic-based approach which provided a broad and balanced curriculum linked to the National Curriculum.

In 2019 we started reviewing our curriculum, based upon our visions and beliefs. We are working hard to continue to refine a more connected curriculum, which is progressive and helps our children to learn more, know more, and remember more.

In reviewing our curriculum, we have looked carefully at what we have previously been teaching through the Cornerstones projects and have made some deliberate choices as to which parts we continue to use and which parts we adapt. We are now working on ensuring there is a clear progression for all subjects for both skills and knowledge, with clear links being made within and across year groups and across subjects.

For all year groups there is either a History and Geography focus each term, taken from the project ideas from Cornerstones. Linked to this we are further developing our curriculum to ensure there is a ‘companion project’ for Art and Design, and Design Technology each term.

Science, Computing, Religious Education (RE), Physical Education (PE), Music, Personal Social Health and Emotional (PSHE) and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) are taught discretely with cross curricular links being made to enrich and connect our curriculum. There is a cross- curricular approach to the English curriculum and we follow a mastery approach to the teaching of Mathematics. We pride ourselves in adding breadth to our curriculum through enrichment opportunities and embrace our local community.

We endeavour to meet the needs of all of our children and ensure that we adapt our curriculum to challenge and support the needs of all our learners.

Our next steps, for this academic year, are to continue to strengthen our curriculum through further developing the progressive sequences of learning for each subject, and thinking about how we assess what children remember. As we are making these changes, we are implementing them in classrooms and are working towards our curriculum being fully reviewed and implemented by the end of this academic year.


Curriculum Overviews

We are working hard to connect our curriculum, please see below:







Please also view the Recovery Curriculum starting September 2020 below: