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The Winchcombe School



The Current Curriculum Overview

A copy of the current Curriculum Overview plus any Curriculum Maps and presentations from the Parents Information Meetings, held by the class teachers at the start of each new semester, can be found below.

A Curriculum To Match Our Childrensʼ Needs

We believe our curriculum is stimulating, exciting and matched to our childrenʼs needs. We ensure we get the keys skills of reading, writing and maths right through focussed, high quality teaching. 

These skills are then utilised and further developed through our creative curriculum. We follow the Cornerstones curriculum which provides opportunities for children to learn and respond in a variety of ways, following their interests and needs.

Involving the children in the development of our curriculum has enhanced their motivation and has made their learning relevant to them.

It is important that we also push for every child to make as much progress as they can, so we also have timetabled intervention and phonic groups during the day, alongside specific one to one work on key skills.

These elements together make a challenging and exciting learning platform to success.

ʻWe see your childʼs education as a partnership' 

Learning and Teaching

We work very hard to ensure learning for each child is of the highest quality and teaching is tailored to the childʼs needs.

We want all children to;

  • be happy, secure, self confident and develop positive attitudes to learning
  • develop independence and be involved in their own assessment and management of learning
  • be proud of their achievement and wish to fulfill their potential
  • work successfully at their own level of ability
  • develop high expectations of themselves
  • work productively in conjunction with others

We will support this by;

  • setting high expectations of behaviour, commitment and motivation
  • valuing childrenʼs work and achievements
  • stimulating curiosity
  • ensuring our teaching and support is good
  • focusing on groups of children when they need support or extension

Access for All

Special Educational Needs

We believe that every child has the right to reach their full potential. We want every child to enjoy their learning and have a positive experience of school life. Children at The Winchcombe School are assessed continuously and when a child is identified as having special educational needs – either they find learning difficult or they are gifted in certain areas – discussions are held with parents, plans put in place and a package of support is arranged. As a school we personalise our provision and carry out many interventions. Learning is further supported by our on-site speech, language and literacy units. Parents will always be informed about their childʼs progress and we value the parentsʼviews and support in providing the best provision possible

Disability Access

The Winchcombe School is committed to social inclusion and equality of opportunity throughout its site and its curriculum. We believe in delivering the highest quality education to each and every child. We ensure fair access through staff training, continuous review of our policies and procedures and development of our teaching and learning techniques. For further information about disability access please ask for a copy of our policy on this area.

For access issues, you can contact our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) by calling the school office on 01635 232780 or by emailing

Religious Education

At The Winchcombe School we feel it is important that children know about, and understand all main religions. We follow the local agreed syllabus and this is integrated, where possible, into our creative curriculum.

By law we are required to have an act of daily worship – mainly Christian in character. We are supported in this by our local church and other religious groups. This is supplemented by special assemblies at Christmas and Easter. We always end the week with an assembly where our parents and carers are invited to celebrate their childrenʼs achievements and successes. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from these sessions if they so wish.

Sex and Relationships Education

Sex and Relationships Education is an important part of our ʻpersonal health and social educationʼ and is always appropriate to the childrenʼs age range. We encourage the children to value family life in all its different forms and when appropriate the implications of parenthood. We aim to provide constant reassurance that change is a natural part of the life cycle.

We are supported in our work by our school nurse, who regularly visits the school on a range of health issues and to answer questions about growing up. Parents will always be given an opportunity to view materials in this sensitive area, but please be assured that these have been chosen carefully by the staff. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from these sessions if they so wish.